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I am passionate about design, typography and the media and tools of my craft.  


The Freelance Graphic Designer.com that provides a creative outlet and overseeing an evolving set of design challenges for a growing list of features and uses of the service. This site is a collection of creative thinking, designing, and work that represents the problem solving, simple solutions and cost-effective results. I've produced and delivered to clients around the world. I’ve delivered pre-press print media solutions and printed corporate and branded mockups at your doorsteps at prompted in time.
As a Graphic Designer over 2.5 decades, I've kept a finger on the pulse of what's new on print media. To prepared and educated to better provide a face for your business on the Internet. Providing a unique presence on the net is a challenge for any company whether small or big. 


Offering a complete designing and printing service from initial consultation through to design and publication with specialized in getting small to medium sized businesses who need creative excellence for their company identities. I do not waste time or resources by trying to target my services to millions of different people. Instead, I have one mission that "Design and provide a powerful visual presentation for small to medium-sized companies looking to establish their business".


I have also been featured one of the best  outsourcing design and printing freelancer in India offering unmatched quality and fast turnaround time. Browse around to see my Freelance designs and achievements in my Personal Portfolio.


I'm DhanSam (Dhandayuthapani Sambandham)

Dhandayuthapani Sambandam